BHS students experience daily operations of city government

Published 5:41 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Monday and Tuesday, City of Bainbridge employees showed a group of more than 40 Bainbridge High School juniors the ins and outs of city government.

During the two “Student Government Days,” the students toured City Hall and various city facilities.

Bainbridge Water Treatment plant manager Rusty Adams explained the sewer treatment process while the students got a whiff of the plant, and Public Services Director Steve Winburn showed the students the city shop where city vehicles, machinery and equipment are repaired and serviced.

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Students also got to tour Bainbridge Public Safety, where they got up close with fire trucks, police cruisers and investigative equipment. Students were given the opportunity to go way up above the ground in the bucket of the Ladder Truck, dust for fingerprints, pretend they were part of Criminal Investigations, and take a ride in a police car around the bypass with an officer. The students ended day one with a trip to the BPS firing range.

“It was a fun time,” said BPS Investigator Chip Nix. “It’s good we get to interact with kids like that and show them everything we do. I wish we could do it more often.”

Nix said the students got to see how a case comes together through investigations with surveillance and evidence.