City gives thumbs up to mutual aid agreement with Decatur County

Published 8:09 pm Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday evening, the Bainbridge City Council unanimously approved a mutual aid agreement with Decatur County.

The agreement reads, “Decatur County Georgia and the City of Bainbridge have determined that it is to mutual advantage and benefit of each of the parties hereto that they render supplemental fire suppression, protection and prevention to the other party in the event of fire or other local emergency, and take part in joint training exercises.”

“This agreement comes from our recent agreement to allow the county to place a fire truck at the West Bainbridge fire station,” Bainbridge City Manager Chris Hobby said. “A lot of these things have been happening in practice before now. This just formalizes our agreement, and I think it is just further testimony of the vastly improved relations that exist now between the city and county.”

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In August, Decatur County stationed a fire truck at the West Bainbridge fire station, complete with its own personnel, to assist Bainbridge whenever extra help is needed. The agreement formalizes how the aid will work, and also states that city fire trucks will respond, if needed, to the unincorporated areas of Decatur County.

“I know this will serve us both well, and I appreciate the county reaching out to us to work it out,” said Bainbridge Mayor Edward Reynolds. “We are glad to help in that way and will certainly always be available to offer mutual aid.”

Councilwoman Roslyn Palmer made the motion to approve the agreement, and Councilwoman Glennie Bench provided the second.