New donkey may be making home at boat basin

Published 5:42 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2015

In the wake of the passing away of George, the donkey that made his home at the Earle May Boat Basin for more than 30 years, a new face may be settling in for locals to enjoy petting and feeding.

Ringo, a 7-year-old donkey, is being donated from Decatur County Commissioner Russell Smith to the City of Bainbridge.

Smith said Representative Darlene Taylor donated two donkeys to him about six months ago. When he read the article about George’s death published in the Saturday, Oct. 10, edition of The Post-Searchlight, he immediately thought of Ringo.

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“I just thought it would be a good gesture,” Smith said. “I thought people would love him and enjoy him more at the boat basin than down at my place.”

Smith said that if Ringo ever needs to be returned to him, he would gladly take him back.

Hobby said that they would put Ringo at the boat basin for a couple days to see how he handles being petted and fed by people. If that goes over well, Ringo is welcome to stay as long as he likes.

“We’re going to take Ringo on approval,” Hobby said. “Russell says that he is very gentle and tolerant. That was the thing that was good about George.”

Smith has been a donkey breeder for a few years, he said. He currently owns 9 mares.

Ringo is expected to be moved to the boat basin any day now.