Shine your light for God as he leads you

Published 5:51 pm Friday, September 18, 2015

Although our little girls are rapidly growing up, they still express some amazingly interesting remarks when I least expect it.  Even on the most difficult and challenging days, they can come up with just what is needed to put a smile on my face.

Last week Addyson was very excited as she told me about ice cream day on Thursday.  She went on to inform me that, “The ice cream is free, but you have to pay a dollar!”  Interesting—but maybe she was more accurate than it seemed on the surface.  I suppose since she was using her mama’s dollar it was free to her!

Madeline can have quite a way with words, too.  She had what sounded like a rather intense practice session during gymnastics, and since her athletic abilities are somewhat like her Papa’s it took a toll on her body.  Her mother told me that Madeline was complaining about her back hurting, so Kristie told her she would give her some medicine.

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To that Madeline responded, “It can’t get down to my back!!”  I am confident that at the right time her mother, who is well trained and experienced in nursing, will help her understand how such things work.

You never know what will come out of their mouths next!  Yet we have to admire the innocence of the world that they live in, and what joy they bring to our lives if we will only stop and pay attention to them.  We miss out on a lot coming from our little ones simply because we get so involved in other things that we do not listen to them when they speak.  But when we take time to listen to them, we find those cute and unexpected remarks and observations priceless because those little ones are ours.  As adults we know what free means and we have a basic understanding of how pills work—neither of which are exactly as Addyson and Madeline expressed—but we are willing to patiently bear with them as we watch them so rapidly move toward maturity.

Our questions, remarks, and perceptions must surely be a bit entertaining to God as He observes our spiritual immaturity; so often we seem to think we have life all figured out, while in reality we are merely expressing childish opinions.   Amazingly, through His patience and love, He gently guides us along as we advance toward what He wants us to become.

The Bible reminds us that God wants us to grow and develop spiritually so that we stand out as people who shine brightly for His honor even in the broken world that we live in.  Philippians 2:14-15 instructs God’s people to “Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation in which you shine like stars in the universe” (New International Version).  One writer commented that “Amid the moral blackness, the children of God should stand out as stars at midnight.”  While that sounds like a high goal to pursue, we can rest assured that God will patiently lead us toward it as we rely upon Him to shape our lives into what He wants us to become.

Make it your goal to let your light shine more brightly for the glory of God every day.  You can rest assured that He is there to patiently lead you toward that goal.