Duo arrested for possession of marijuana with intent

Published 12:12 am Saturday, September 12, 2015

Two Decatur County men were arrested last week after a Bainbridge Public Safety narcotics investigation.

Dominique Dillard, 17, of Bainbridge, was charged with obstructing officers and controlled substance – possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Christopher Joseph Hicks, 32, of Brinson, was charged with controlled substance – possession of marijuana and reckless conduct.

Friday Sept. 4, BPS Criminal Investigations Division Chief Investigator Larry Funderburke and Investigator Captain Mark Esquivel were located in an alleyway behind a College Street residence, where they believed a subject to be purchasing narcotics, according to the incident report.

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Esquivel said that the CID had received complaints about potential narcotic sales in the College Street home. He and Funderburke were in the area around 4:30 p.m. last Friday when they saw a vehicle in an alley “that didn’t look like it should be there.” It started backing up, and the investigator approached it, finding Hicks driving with a child in vehicle.

Investigator Chip Nix arrived on scene and heard Hicks state that he had given a man at the residence $20 for a bag of weed. Upon approaching the right side of residence, Nix noticed an odor of marijuana and saw four males on a porch with several bags of suspected marijuana on top of a washing machine.

According to the report, Nix told the subjects to not move, and Dillard stated that the bags were his.

“As Inv. Nix started to radio for assistance Dillard jumped up and began to flee through the residence,” the report reads. “Inv. Nix yelled for Dillard to stop. Inv. Nix quickly collected what he could of the evidence before pursuing Dillard. After a short chase ensued, Inv. Nix caught Dillard. Inv. Nix lost his cuffs during the pursuit and radioed for backup. While Inv. Nix held Dillard on the floor, Dillard was yelling to the other subjects at the residence to ‘get the other stuff off of the table.’”

The report also states that Hicks had his six-year-old daughter with him during the transaction.

“We also charged him with reckless conduct for having his kid with him, because so many things can go wrong,” Esquivel said.

The investigators confiscated a total of six bags of marijuana, and other contraband is believed to have been taken by the other subjects.