A call to arms: make plans to see the Bearcats play in Cairo Friday night

Published 4:21 pm Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It was electric last Friday night.

If you weren’t at Centennial Field, you should have been. The Bearcats clawed their way to a massive 42-13 win against the Early County Bobcats and gave Bainbridge a taste of what they have been working on.

It’s clear the team has been putting in the effort in the weight room, on the field and in the film room. So far, based on two scrimmages and one game, I like what I am seeing, and I think the rest of Bainbridge does too.

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I can feel a little electricity in the air, more so than I’ve felt for the past two seasons I’ve covered the Bearcats. I think the students, parents and the rest of Bearcat nation are more excited than ever for football season, and are ready to see the team reach new heights.

Friday, Bainbridge travels to Cairo for their first big test of the season. It’s a rival game, and there is no guarantee which way it will go. Last year, the Bearcats lost a heartbreaker to the Syrupmakers at home. I’m sure the players who are returning this year are looking for a little redemption, making the match-up all the more fierce.

According to Google maps, the distance between Centennial Field and West Thomas Stadium is 34 minutes. That’s not a long trip at all, and it would be worth the travel to see Bainbridge take on Cairo in what is sure to be a huge game. It would be even more worth it if Bainbridge wins, right?

This is a call to arms. Come Friday night, how awesome would it be to fill the visitors stands with a sea of purple and gold? If we can get a crowd presence that rivals the crowd on the Cairo side, it would give our players the backup they need to put this game away and come back home to Bainbridge 2-0.

Students, parents, long-time fans, friends, hamsters—everybody! Get over to West Thomas Stadium on Friday and lets shake the field with our roar. Let’s outnumber the Cairo crowd with Bearcat Nation.