Tiger Woods woes and tying a bow on an extraordinary PGA season

Published 4:53 pm Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The golf season is slowly coming toward an end. I’ve provided my thoughts and commentary along the way since the Masters in April. It’s been a nice ride, and we’ve seen some incredibly exciting moments that will be remembered for years to come.

To add a bit of excitement into the mix, Tiger Woods gave his fans (including me) the inkling of a notion of hope that he might pull off a win in Wyndham over the weekend.

Obviously, he didn’t win, or you probably would have heard the news being screamed from the rooftops. Then again, I think him winning is less of a story to the sports media than him imploding over the last two years.

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Going into Sunday, Tiger was tied at -13 for second place. I was glued to the TV screen hoping to see his score continue to drop. Instead, we saw the same stuff from him we’ve been seeing for the past two years.

From the tee box he’ll have a horrible drive, follow it up with a clean iron shot that gets him around 10 feet from the hole and then miss the birdie putt. The front nine on Sunday was plagued with ho-hum pars for the once greatest in the world. He sank a birdie on No. 9 to make up for a bogie on No. 7, but it wasn’t looking good.

Then the wheels came off—a triple bogey on No. 11, followed by a bogey on No. 12. And how did he respond to that? By birdying four of the last six holes, that’s how. Tiger had this thing won. It’s clear he can play under pressure. What’s wrong with him now is all between the ears.

That final stretch Sunday was a man trying to claw his way back up a mountain he tripped off of by himself. He almost made it, but an avalanche named Davis Love III nipped it in the bud.

And I would be remiss not to bring up the incredible journey of Jordan Spieth, who overtook Rory McIlroy last week as the top player in the world. What a season it has been for that kid. I know he is already looking forward to April, and so am I.