Letters to the editor: Public responds to church membership letter

Published 5:11 pm Tuesday, August 18, 2015

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is written as a statement of identification and clarity due to recent letters written and publications regarding Church Membership.

There are two First African Baptist Churches in Bainbridge, Georgia. There is First African Missionary Baptist Church, West Bainbridge which is located at 115 Church Street and First African Baptist Church on the Eastside which is located at 515 Webster Street.

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We, the Pastor and Members of The First African Missionary Baptist Church of West Bainbridge, are not the Church that sent letters of dismissal to Church members. We have been falsely accused and wrongfully cited. It is not our Church that has dismissed any member.

Therefore, we deem it necessary to submit this letter so that there can be a clear distinction as to which Church sent letters of dismissal.

Submitted by,

Pastor Henry L. Flowers, III and the members of The First African Missionary Baptist Church 

West Bainbridge, Georgia


On August 30,2015 First African Baptist Church will be celebrating it’s 150 yr Anniversary.

Due to the shameful and embarrassing actions that the leadership has chosen to bestow on it’s season saints doing the pass 30 days, I will not be attending or participating financially ( the souvenir booklet) My family has been in this church since 1877. I am truly hurt by these pass actions.

I am praying that (The Leadership) correct these action ASAP.

Agnes Theresa Bailey-Wright

Douglasville, Ga


Dear Mr. Derrick Mike, Senior Pastor of First African Baptist Church,

My name is Marva Cooper Bell, daughter of the late Edna and Golden Cooper who resided in Bainbridge for many years.

I was born and reared in Bainbridge and have known Ms. Josephine King since early childhood. I am appalled at what I read in the newspaper about you and the other so-called Christians removing Ms. King from the church at age 92 years young.

Mr. Mike you are a disgrace to God’s word. To write a letter to Ms. King and other elderly, sick members who cannot contribute to “YOUR GREED” is disgusting. You call yourself a man of God? My God would never do what you are doing to these helpless individuals. You are supposed to take care of God’s children, especially the sick and elderly.

WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? Mr. Mike and all of you who signed the notarized letter to Ms. King are being encouraged to resign from the ministry, repent and ask God for forgiveness.

How can you preach God’s word of Love and Acceptance when you committed such a sin against God’s children?


Marva Cooper Bell