Letter to the Editor

Published 6:40 pm Friday, August 14, 2015

My beloved hometown of Bainbridge, Georgia, made the news in a shameful manner under the deadline article, “Old Woman Booted From The Church Over Unpaid Tithes.”

Mrs Josephine King, 92, should be honored for her many years of service to the First African Baptist Church, her community, the school and the children she guided into their chosen career paths. Shame on you Pastor, Assistant, Board and any other thankless and unprofessional leaders in this historic church.

I have lived and taught in this warm little town, as the daughter of Rev. Randolph Glover(Allene, both deceased).

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How dare you spoil the thoughts that I think about my birthplace. From many states, friends have called about this story as it appeared in the news. Thank you Mr. Simmons. To the decision makers for the church, may your tithes be forthcoming to enable you to reach your intended goal.


Dr. Glover-Marshall

Miami, Florida