Local groups team up to repair elderly woman’s home, property

Published 8:54 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The renovation crew, from left: Sean Skylar, Cleve Dryden, Charles Unfricht, Dave Mazzie, Josh Paske. Middle: Mrs Turner and her daughter, Terry Turner.

Multiple local businesses and organizations are partnering to renovate a local woman’s home in Bainbridge.

“So often we get so focused on the kids, when right next door to us, a widow is literally being eaten by bugs,” said Friendship House of Jesus administrative director Josh Paske.

Paske said that 85-year-old Mrs. Turner lives next door to the Friendship House on Russ Street and had a severe bug infestation and wood-rotting problem.

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Men from several businesses and organizations came together to repair wood rot and to install a new screen door, ceiling fan and screening to the carport. The group is working to raise about $2,000 to complete additional projects including air conditioning and heat repair and tree service for the front yard.

The current heating and cooling system is in such bad condition, it isn’t worth paying to fix it, Paske said, so the group would like to purchase a new unit and work with Cooper’s Heating and Air to install it.

“It’s a hot box right now,” Paske said. “There’s also no heat, and winter’s not too far off.”

“It’s not one church or one group, it’s people from all around,” Paske said.

Paske said that Home Depot, Parker Paint, Coopers Heating and Air, Stones Hardware, Junior’s Pest Control and more have all been a part of the renovations.

Paske said that Mrs. Turner had quadruple bypass surgery in the last few years and continues to care for her mentally disabled daughter who lives in the home.

“She’s one of several people in this community who can’t help themselves,” Paske said. “Physically or financially, she’ll never be able to do what we’re doing.”