Climax City Council hears request on personal care home

Published 7:50 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Climax City Council met Monday night July 123 with the following in attendance: Mayor Charles Hadsock Council members present: Robert (Bob) Jones, Sandra Thomas, and Vanessa Martin, Elizabeth Phillips was absent.

Police chief John Presilla was absent. Fire Chief Jeff Kelly and Craig Josey were present to represent the Climax VFD, and Greg Toole was present to represent the Maintenance Dept.

After Mayor Hadsock called the meeting to order, Catherine Smart addressed the Council with the request she wished to open a Personal Care Home at 116 Virginia Lane. Mayor Hadsock told Smart to leave an application with the City Clerk at City Hall, and the application would be given to Craig Smith for processing and the council would address this issue at the next council meeting.

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Mackel Cooper also addressed the council due to the accusation that he had left the Tiger’s Den in a mess. He did not receive his refund deposit back because those renting the Tiger’s Den the day after Cooper left, stated that the place had been left in a mess with food on the tables.

Mr. Cooper strongly disagreed stating this was a lie that he had come back on Sunday to clean up. Mayor Hadsock stated that he had only rented the building for that Saturday and should have cleaned up the same day on Saturday. Cooper said he was not told that the building was rented for the next day. He also stated that he didn’t care about losing the deposit; he was there to clear up the lie, again stating he had clean up after using the building.

Council person Sandra Thomas said that Cooper’s side of the events would be noted in the minutes.

Council woman Sandra Thomas stated that they were still waiting on the county for help with the work on the little park project. She also reported that the Veterans Park Committee had decided to leave the flags up all year round. They decided it just looked nice to have the flags up.

Climax VFD Chief Jeff Kelly reported on an accident on hwy 84 and Bert Phillips Road.

Maintenance man Greg Toole reported that the city had a small water leak was in front of Council person’s Sandra Thomas’s house and he was working on that. Toole also thanked Johnny Lambert for helping push up the burn pit.

City Clerk Karen Toole reported that several residents had complaints about their internet service which is currently with Turner’s. The clerk stated she had problems for several week; it continues to cut out and is slow when it is on, she continued.

The system the City now has is on the Cloud and when the internet is down so is the billing system. One can’t take payments or even get into the system to get information. Toole said.

Mayor Hadsock stated if Turner’s can’t get their system up and running to provide better service, the City would have to change to a reliable internet provider and ask Turner’s to remove his equipment from the tower.

The Mayor announced that the LMIG letter will be received this month and the council will need to decide which roads need to be resurfaced. All paper work and justifications needs to be completed by August 2015.

New Business:

The Mayor announced he was still working on the Comprehensive planning and updates on the service delivery strategy. The three major elements will be: Community goals, needs and Opportunities and Community work programs.

Council person Sandra Thomas attended the meeting on June 10th and she said at this stage it was just a listening session.

A motion to use two inmates during the months of July, August, and September made by Bob Jones and seconded by Vanessa Martin carried unanimously.

Hadsock reported that the fence at Parker Park needed replacing. The cost for a split rail just like the one there has an estimated cost of around $2,136.04 plus concrete. Fire Chief Jeff Kelly suggested using poles with cable to keep cars out. The Mayor stated more options would be looked into before deciding what would be done.

A motion by Bob Jones and seconded by Sandra Thomas carried unanimously, to use the Judicial Alternative of Georgia as the City of Climax’s Municipal Court Probation Company.

The Mayor announced that Denise Medley would be coming to clean out the burn pit and looking at the ditch in front of Forest Cain’s house to see what can be done to help with the water running into Cain’s yard.

Willie Barrentine asked the council about John Presilla hours, he was on a trial period of 15 hours a week. Barrentine wanted to know when that trail period was up and why the police car can’t be sitting in the City while John isn’t working. He thought it would help if the police car was seen in the City during the day.

The Mayor said the trail period would be up when the council so decided. It is at the discretion of the council.

Fire Chief Jeff Kelly said the council didn’t want the police car sitting around like someone was in it due to legal ramifications.

A motion to open the new SPLOST VI account with First State and in Bainbridge and with those signers listed as: Karen Toole City Clerk, Charles Hadsock Mayor, and Robert Jones Mayor Pro-Tem carried unanimously. Motion made by Sandra Tomas and seconded by Vanessa Martin.

Reporters note: A special thank you to city clerk Karen Toole for her contribution and assistance with this article.