Rotary hears tips for healthy living

Published 5:42 pm Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Making good health choices was the topic brought by certified trainer, Scott Weathersby at Rotary this week.

He began by giving a brief background about the health crises he has experienced, having been diagnosed with Leukemia three times.

His health caused him to make a career change. He started by going to the YMCA and watching people work out. He paid tribute to Liv Warren, who he said taught him how to use the machines there. He then went on to become a certified trainer.

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He is a strong proponent of resistance training, explaining it is not what you do, but how you go about it. “First, you must know how to use the machines safely, “ he explained. Then it is about using them to the best advantage, going at a slow pace and maximizing the development of muscles.

He explained there is a big difference between mechanical and metabolic training.

“By using 100 percent resistance training you build bone density. It will also help with balance problems.”

Identifying several in the audience with whom he has worked, he verified that you cannot be too old to start working on improving your health with proper exercise and a change in eating habits.

Weathersby showed a video demonstrating the different machines being used, and defining which parts of the body they work best.

He recommends setting a personal goal, explaining, “It is not about a diet. It is about a complete change of life. It takes 110 percent commitment.”

He ended his program by saying that of all the people in his treatment group at Emory Hospital he is the only one left.

“Life is very important. You are only alive once. Make the most of it” he added.

Those wishing to contact Weathersby for more information may contact him at 229-416-6941.