Is it time for a check up again?

Published 3:14 pm Friday, July 17, 2015

There was a time when going to the doctor seemed a lot simpler than it is today.  Rather than everything being so specific and specialized, the old family doctor was willing to try to fix whatever the ailment was.  That does not necessarily mean that he was fully qualified in all the procedures and tasks he attempted, but he was willing to try anyway.  Things are different now, and we get to see someone different for every system of the body.

Recently I went in for my annual skin check up.  Although that sounds pretty simple, it does not mean it was something that I looked forward to.  I was greeted professionally and with a warm smile before I was instructed to rid myself of all but the most basic of clothing.  There was no need to worry, though, for I was handed a brand new gown to put on—a paper gown, that is!  And not very high quality paper, either.

After getting into the appropriate attire for the occasion, I was asked a few questions:  Are there areas on your skin that you are concerned about, or that have changed, or that itch?  Once we got past that, the search was on!  It was not long before something was spotted, so out came the spray gun and that burning sensation as potentially problematic areas were frozen.  But there was more!  Something else did not look right, but this time it was time to use the needle and knife, then as quick as a flash, a slice of my epidermis was removed for another professional to evaluate.

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Finally the exam was over; I got rid of the paper gown and back into my own clothes as quickly as I could before further humiliation could be experienced.  Only time will tell if my pride will ever be regained!

In reality, I am grateful for those in the medical community who are trained and willing to do what they do to help us maintain as good of health as possible.  Examinations are rarely enjoyable, but they can be tremendously beneficial when performed by those who know what symptoms of potential problems to search for.

Spiritual examinations can be quite uncomfortable, too, for they can reveal some things about us that are hidden from the sight of others.  But God can see the invisible, He can hear the inaudible, so it is wise for us to allow Him to search our hearts and correct what needs to be corrected in our lives.

In Psalm 15, the writer opens with a couple of questions that might be thought of as the beginning of a spiritual examination:  “Lord, who may dwell in Your sanctuary?  Who may live on Your holy hill?” (New International Version).  The remainder of the psalm, as he answers those two questions, mentions some areas of life that should be of concern to everyone who strives to please God.  He includes such things as doing what is righteous, speaking the truth, and doing one’s neighbor no harm.

Is it time for you to have a spiritual check up?  Take time to read Psalm 15, allow it to serve as a short personal spiritual examination, and see if it reveals some symptoms of sin-sickness that need to be taken care of in your life.  And remember that the purpose of such examinations is not for pleasure; they are often uncomfortable.  But if the end result is better spiritual health, it is worth the discomfort.