Letter to the Editor

Published 5:26 pm Friday, July 10, 2015

On July 1, 2015, our beloved best friend and family member went missing from our home on Newton Road by old Steadhams store. His name is Forrest. He’s a German shorthaired pointer. He’s an inside dog and was let outside for about 10 minutes when he went missing. We are frantically searching for him or any information anyone may have about him.

My son was informed by an unknown woman on July 2 that we witnessed a birddog matching Forrest’s description being shot and killed by a man on Steadham Road.

She stated that the man said he was a “trash-eating drop off.” The woman said he was shot for no reason except that he had wandered onto the man’s property.

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According to several other neighbors I talked to in this area, this isn’t the first time this heartless, cruel man has done this. She was shown a picture of Forrest, which she identified as being the dog that was killed.

This tragic news has left our family heartbroken and disgusted that our precious friend could have met this awful fate. I contacted the sheriff’s office and animal control to report this heart wrenching news. They both need this woman to come forward and tell them what she witnessed.

I pray she will do the right thing so that our hearbroken family will know the truth and justice can be done for our wonderful best friend.

In the meantime, we are still searching for him, hoping and praying that by some miracle he’s not the poor dog that lost his life to that awful man. That he’s out there somewhere waiting for us to find him and bring him home.

Please, if you can help us in any way find our best friend and family member. We are desperately asking for your help and any information will be greatly appreciated.


Michelle Glisson