Fourth of July in Climax sees own traditions spark to life

Published 6:49 pm Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Folks around the Climax Community and in town celebrated July 4 and the freedom it represents in grand style. As the birthday of our country approached, celebrations also began to take shape.

There has always been the typical firecracker or two, and maybe a sparkler, but this year, Climax had a fireworks show, too.

With the thunderstorms clearing out beginning on Friday night, Eric and Stephanie Reynolds on Highway 262 just south of town put on just one of the several small fireworks shows. It was held safely in their yard. Some continued on Saturday night as echoes could be heard all around the county.

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Then, if one listened carefully, a faint larger boom and a light in the western sky let all know that the fireworks were in full blossom at the Boat Basin in Bainbridge. Some people propped their feet up on their porches in the country and just looked and listened.

On Saturday, cooking out was a main item as the storms subsided and folks could get outside to their grills and stoves. One such neighborhood gathering was at the home of Joseph Kelly as he boiled penders (peanuts) while some of the neighbors got a head start on watching, and probably sampling.

Some of the storm in the Climax area was strong, bringing down some trees on power lines. Such was the case with a large oak tree in front of Paul Kelly’s home on Carl Cloud Road.

We are glad to report that, to our knowledge, no one was injured with Climax’s Fourth of July celebrations with the storms or fireworks.