Woman’s faith in people restored after unexpected help from stranger

Published 5:58 pm Friday, June 26, 2015

Audrey Williams went through two struggles this June that she insists are miracles.

Williams and her husband, David, have lived in Bainbridge for nine years after moving from Florida. They both love living in South Georgia. The people are friendly and it’s easy to get along.

Earlier this month, however, Williams suffered from a sudden and drastic decrease in her body’s sodium levels. The doctor told her he’d seen people lose their lives at a salt level of 110. Williams’ level was 108. She received treatment and was able to recover. That’s one miracle, she said.

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And yet, the stress from such a scare still clang to her. Last Monday, Williams was at the Decatur County-Gilbert H. Gragg Library checking out books. While at the checkout counter, wallet in hand, she realized she was almost late for an appointment at Regional Therapy, right across Shotwell Street. She hurried out. After her appointment at Regional Therapy, Williams looked in her purse for her wallet.

It was gone.

Williams checked back at the library, where she was sure she had left it at the counter. It was not there. The women at Regional Therapy scoured the office. They couldn’t find it, either. She immediately assumed the worst, cancelled all her credit cards and ordered new ones.

A week later she received a call from Regional Therapy that uplifted her spirits after a stressful month. A rehab tech/office assistant, Paula Gordon, had found her wallet and was adamant about returning it. It had been hiding behind a plant vase in the office’s lobby.

“She was very upset that she couldn’t find it, so for me to be able look down and see that (wallet) made my day,” Gordon said. “It was just awesome to see her face change. I was just pleased to know I could help her find it.”

Williams said she was impressed with Gordon’s honesty and would never forget her deed.