Hospital Authority accepts one Decatur County commissioner

Published 6:41 pm Friday, June 19, 2015

Two long-term members of the Memorial Hospital and Manor Authority, Johnny Grimsley, current board secretary, and Joe Livingston, have terms that are expiring.

As was reported in The Post Searchlight on Saturday, June 13, both of these positions are nominated by the Decatur County Commission. The commission sent two slates with three names each of possible replacements. The slate of names proposed to fill Grimsley’s seat were Rusty Davis, Perry Henry and Michelle West. The names submitted to fill Livingston’s seat were Sufronia Clark, Pete Stephens and Russell Smith.

Authority chair Glennie Bench said it was clear that the county wanted to have a commissioner on the board, which was fine; although she did express disappointment they had not included Grimsley on one of the slate of nominees. As for the seat being vacated by Livingston, she said he had indicated he had no desire to continue to serve.

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A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the name of Rusty Davis from the slate of proposed names for Grimsley’s seat, and to reject the entire slate put forward for Livingston’s seat, and await a new slate of names from the Commission.

In other items of business, the financial report for the month of May showed a net income loss of $201,396. An analysis by the finance committee showed the primary reason for the downturn was that patient revenues were down, particularly in surgery and outpatient procedures, as several physicians were out of their offices. CFO Bill Huling commented, “Even though it was a down month, we’re not discouraged.” He continued by saying the position authorized at last month’s meeting to hire an interim revenue cycle director has been filled and work is proceeding quickly on such matters as cost reduction, office improvement, and financial analysis, all of which he believes will result in a more positive financial report.

One capital equipment purchase was approved.  An Omnicell automated medicine dispensing cabinet for use in the Radiology Department, at a five year cost of $45,848.99.

Cost justification indicates this machine will give the hospital the ability to access 340B pricing on pharmaceuticals that will result in a $106,935 annual savings, which will more than offset the costs of the machine.

CEO Billy Walker reported they are moving ahead with staffing on the Quality Health Center set to open on Wheat Ave in August.

He also reported the hospital had applied for two tele-health grants and received one for $30,000, enough to put the system into two additional schools. He said the goal was to get it into all schools, and a request has been made to Rotary Cub to help fund one.

Dr. Ryan Curran will be coming to Bainbridge from Michigan in August to go into family practice.

A board retreat will be held July 23 at Southwind Plantation and it was unanimously approved to cancel the regular July board meeting, as is the custom.

Following a short closed session to discuss personnel, quality assurance and strategic planning, the board returned to open session and approved physician credentials for June, as well as the minutes from the last executive committee meeting.