County interviews applicants, puts out names for Hospital Authority

Published 5:31 pm Friday, June 12, 2015

The Decatur County Board of Commissioners recessed a closing meeting Tuesday after the regularly scheduled board meeting. During that closed meeting, the commission interviewed a candidate for the vacant county administrator position.

On Wednesday morning, the closing meeting was resumed and the board interviewed three more candidates for the position.

Commission Chairman Dennis Brinson indicated that all four candidates were qualified and he felt the interviews went well. Brinson said the commission would wait until background checks are completed on each of the four candidates before moving forward with the hiring process.

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In the closing meeting, the board also considered and discussed two appointments to the Decatur County Hospital Authority to fill the expiring terms of Joe Livingston and Johnny Grimsley.

The commission voted unanimously to submit Sufronia Clark, Pete Stephens and Russell Smith to the authority for consideration to replace Livingston. Stephens and Smith are current Decatur County Commissioners.

To replace Grimsley, the commission voted to submit Rusty Davis, Perry Henry, and Michelle West to the authority. Davis is a current Decatur County Commissioner, while Perry is the interim county administrator. West is currently the account manager for Decatur County.

The hospital authority would choose one of the three names submitted by the commission for each seat.

Or, the authority may choose to reject all three and the commission would submit three new names for each Authority seat.