Is no opinion an opinion?

Published 8:11 pm Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Here is a good question. If someone has no opinion on a subject, is that, in itself, an opinion? Does that mean there are no thoughts on the subject? Not necessarily.

You’ve probably heard what someone said about opinions. They are like a part of the human anatomy and everyone has one. I like that. There are also opinions that have substance behind them and there are opinions that are simply thoughts that are spoken without any substance whatsoever.

To have this space to write gives me the opportunity to voice my opinion sometimes. I appreciate that but never think that my opinion is more important than another’s. It’s like prayer.

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I may be the preacher, but anyone’s prayers can reach the heart of God just as easily as mine. Maybe even better!

From time to time, though, subjects are popular or controversial and I am asked, “What do you think about so-and-so?” Most of the time, I don’t mind giving my opinion and I hope whoever hears it will understand that their opinion is just as good as mine.

So where am I going today? I have been thinking about this Caitlin Jenner situation. I find that it is hard to have an opinion about something that is so surprising and unusual.

If one lives long enough, they will see all sorts of things. It was just a short 39 years ago that I can remember Bruce Jenner, waving the American flag, taking a victory lap around the Montreal Stadium that was one of the host venues of the 1976 Summer Olympics.

He was celebrating his gold medal performance in the decathlon.

The decathlon is ten athletic events that includes running, hurdling, jumping, and feats of strength and endurance. Of all the men in the world, Bruce Jenner was crowned the best. Besides becoming America’s most visible hero of those Olympics, he was touted “The World’s Greatest Athlete.”

The United States has its own way of celebrating athletic heroism and Bruce Jenner’s feat was memorialized on millions of boxes of Wheaties.

He was our All-American boy and almost every boy wanted to be Bruce Jenner.

That is…every boy except Bruce Jenner himself. If I tell you that life is complicated, I am understating that. So, what is my opinion? Not too much.

I’m certainly not going to judge what Bruce or Caitlin Jenner does with his/her life. If there is any Scripture I have learned to hear, it is the verse that implies that I am to leave judgement to the only One who really matters.

I could say I wish all of this would simply go away. That’s not going to happen so long as Vanity Fair or People magazine can make some money.

It also seems that Caitlin, herself, is intent on riding this financial wagon as far as possible.

I understand that this is a free country and people get to live their lives as they wish and others get to talk about it or write about as they wish. I am doing that today and I would not want that to change.

At the same time, I wish that we wouldn’t be obsessive about other people’s lives. In a world and country where there are very serious problems, none of them attracted the immense publicity that this situation did.

I guess my little opinion would have to do with that.

Also, I remember the late, great Dizzy Dean’s words. He said it better than I. “Who’d a thunk it?”