Take caution−accident can occur anytime, anywhere

Published 8:46 pm Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It was another Tuesday morning in Bainbridge. Everyone was scurrying to work after an enjoyable and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend. Unfortunately for one man, the morning was ruined when he was traveling along Vada Road toward Bainbridge.

The accident was caused by a Bainbridge Housing Authority vehicle experiencing a maintenance issue. Apparently, the steering wheel locked up and the city worker was not able to turn well around a curve near the Fairgrounds. A driver in a Hyundai swerved to avoid him, but wasn’t fast enough. He sustained injuries to the back and neck. Luckily, his vehicles airbag was there and his seatbelt was buckled to prevent him from experiencing more damage.

The accident was incredibly unfortunate. It was possibly preventable, but everyone was following the rules of the road. Unfortunately, the wreck still happened. A man was sent to the hospital.

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We at The Post-Searchlight urge all drivers to take all measures to ensure safety on the road. Accidents will happen, but do everything that needs to be done to minimalize the potentially deadly results.