Exciting week for graduating, upcoming seniors

Published 5:47 pm Tuesday, May 19, 2015

By Taylor Bush

Special to The Post-Searchlight

This week brings an end to the 2014-2015 school year, and as the seniors of 2015 are saying their final goodbyes, the Class of 2016 is stepping up to claim Senior Row. Becoming a senior at BHS means carrying on many traditions of years past. Senior Row and the Senior Parade are being celebrated by the upcoming seniors in a wave of excitement.

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On May 14 the annual Senior Parade made its way from The Shrine Club parking lot on Highway 84 to Bainbridge High School. Escorted by three Georgia State Patrolmen, over 50 upcoming seniors paraded in 30 vehicles down the highway and into the BHS student parking lot. The cars were decorated with window chalk, flags, bows and much more to display the students’ school spirit. BHS students gathered around the parking lot to watch the line of seniors pass.

The Senior Parade has been a tradition at BHS for more than 15 years. Students in the past have paraded cars, boats, dirtbikes, ATVs and trailers, all decorated with purple and gold.

“The Senior Parade is a rite of passage,” says Corey Morrison, “It marks the beginning of senior year and shows that new seniors are ready to celebrate their time at BHS.”

The students put in a lot of work to make this year’s Senior Parade memorable. Beginning a week in advance, the upcoming seniors met to paint flags and signs for the parade. The signs, as well as balloons, were hung along the front of BHS prior to Thursday morning. Jones Gossett tells that it was well worth the hard work.

As the students pulled into the BHS student parking lot, it was time for them to claim Senior Row. Senior Row is the second row of parking spaces behind Honors Parking. This row is reserved for seniors, and others who park there often get “tagged” with window chalk. Senior Row is considered by students an honor that is earned, and all students wait for their turn to claim the row.

“I parked in the first senior spot on Senior Row, and it was an awesome feeling,” says Bryce Williams. This time of the year is always exciting for both the graduating seniors and the upcoming seniors.

The Senior Parade is usually held on the first day the graduating seniors are exempt from school and again on the first day of the new school year.

The parade this year was controlled by Georgia State Patrolmen to ensure the students behaved cautiously. It was a successful parade, and set the tone for an enthusiastic upcoming school year.