Graduates, press ahead no matter what

Published 7:40 pm Friday, May 15, 2015

It is interesting how things can happen at what seems to be the most inopportune of times.  I had a personal reminder of this at a local bank ATM.  I use this particular drive through cash dispenser frequently, and in the vast majority of cases, I am the only person there at the time.  Things were a little different in my recent experience, though.

When I use the device, I drive up extremely close to make the keypad easy to reach.  On this occasion I did my usual routine:  so close to the brick wall that my wife gets uncomfortable but with plenty of room from my vantage point so the car never touches the building.  The only problem was, this time I dropped my card—and as chance would have it, there was another car behind us waiting for their turn.  I was much too close to the wall to open my door and did not want to move the car for fear of running over my card and damaging the magnetic strip.   As always, Gale came to the rescue without being asked, and volunteered to get out and retrieve the dropped card.  With the people behind us patiently waiting and perhaps wondering if some kind of heist was in progress, she tried to get the card but I was so close to the brick wall that, although she is much smaller than I am, she almost got wedged in between.  With that failed attempt, after she squeezed herself free, I had no alternative but to drive forward so Gale could get that precious piece of plastic that was causing us so much misery at the moment.

After she picked up what I had dropped, there was no way I was about to make another attempt at getting out cash with the dear people behind us watching.  I quickly drove away, gave them time to use the ATM, and made another pass once they had cleared the scene.  This time I was successful.  I only hope a video of our mishap does not go viral for the whole world to see!

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In the midst of this exciting season for graduates from high school, college, and other institutions of education, I remind you, class of 2015, that there will be moments ahead when things do not go as you hoped and expected–but do not give up.  Trust God and keep pressing ahead.  He has good things in store as you submit your life and plans to Him.

I am confident that we all know firsthand that things in life do not always proceed without some kind of glitch and unexpected factor coming into play.  There is no way to prepare ahead of time for all of those, for they are most always factors that we have no prior knowledge of.  And if we wait until we are sure that every detail of whatever we are pursuing has been taken into consideration and every potential problem has been resolved and all conditions are completely perfect, we will not do much in life.

We do not know the future or all the details of life, which makes it crucial for us to continually trust God and remain willing to move forward, always allowing Him to be our guide even when we cannot see the path ahead with clarity.

So graduates, I urge you to press ahead in our world filled with uncertainties, yet one that still contains much potential for you to tap in to.  And keep this bit of Scripture in mind:  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”  (Jeremiah 29:11, New International Version).