Day 30 is already upon the U.S.

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, May 12, 2015

How many of you know what is meant by phrase “Day 30?” It’s okay if you don’t; I wouldn’t either except that I read it as I was drinking my morning coffee and perusing the daily news.

I don’t know when we started counting the days after an event. The first I can recall seeing a number after an event was during the Iran Hostage Crisis of the latter days of the “Jimm-ah Carter” Presidency.

The network news programs would open their broadcasts with some image of blindfolded American students in Tehran or an image of the angry Ayatollah Khomeini and underneath the picture would be the caption “Iran Hostage Crisis—Day ‘Whatever’.” It reached an incredible 444 days.

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After that we seemed to number every day after a newsworthy crisis. “OJ Trial, Day 64.” Pretty soon it devolved to such numbering as the phrase in today’s title: Day 30. So, what is Day 30?

It has been 30 days (and counting) since Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took and answered a question from a press corps that follows her every move as if she is going to hiccup and it might be missed.

Does that bother you? I can hear your resounding “Heck No!” You probably are hoping that it will be  290 days before she speaks.

Hillary wasn’t born yesterday. No jokes, please. And this is not her first rodeo. She knows that this press corps is not looking for answers to their questions. They are looking for mistakes in her answers. Every one of the questioners would like to be the one who asked the question and received the “got-cha” answer.

Besides, what politician worth his or her salt would truly answer a question? Answering a question truthfully might get someone in trouble. It doesn’t matter if the sky is blue and the day is pretty, an answer to the question, “How does this day look to you, weather-wise?” might get a long and evasive answer.

“Well, I know that the day has begun in a pleasant way. The sky seems blue and the temperature is very mild at this time, but I have been around the block enough to know that the weather could change at any moment. That’s why I never answer a speculative question about the weather.”

“Every person I know has their own opinion about the day. There is a lot of inequality about the weather. What is good for one is bad for another and I would not want to be judgmental about what is the appropriate sort of weather for the people. The people are my main concern and I want to be their champion for the kind of weather that, not only they want, but the kind that they need to be prosperous and to pursue the way of life they want.”

That’s the short answer!

I did think of a silly saying that has nothing to do with Hillary any more than it does with any of the others who are running for office. It comes from an Irish poet by the name of Oliver Goldsmith. You may have heard the saying. “Ask me no questions and I will tell you no fibs (lies).”

Perhaps, just maybe Hillary is following that line of thinking. It’s not a bad one. If we wouldn’t ask our politicians any questions, we wouldn’t get any fibs.