‘The Producers’ — they’ve got it and they flaunt it

Published 7:23 pm Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I am not in the habit of writing theatre reviews, but will make an exception in the case of Bainbridge Little Theatre’s current production, “The Producers.”

This is a musical play written by Mel Brooks and Thomas Mechan.

Be forewarned it is full of the fast talking double entendre adult humor for which Brooks is known. I suppose some might be offended by it, but the audience on Friday night was very appreciative, laughing all the way.

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I had seen the movie a few years ago and going in, I wondered how the locals would pull it off. Let me just say, they nailed it.

First of all, the casting is excellent. Mike Inlow, with his facial expressions and body language has captured the personality of the conniving, scheming Max to perfection.

His counterpart, the young, nerdy and fearful accountant Leo, is equally well performed by Kyler Singletary. The two play off each other with ease and believability. Singletary, currently a student at Bainbridge State, is a former student of Inlow’s from Cairo High School.

Bainbridge’s own Austin Rowe is hysterically funny as Franz, the Nazi playwright. This is the part played by Will Ferrell in the movie, and Rowe does it with all the Ferrell intensity and flair – German accent and all.

The Sexy Swedish girl is delightfully portrayed by Shelley Fisher. She has the looks and all the right moves as she sings, “If you got it, flaunt it.” She is also a former student of Inlow’s.

Another scene-stealer was Robert Stuart as the flamboyant director Roger DeBris. Stuart is the artistic director of the Young Actors Theatre in Tallahassee, and he brought a professional atmosphere to the role that appeared to be contagious for the rest of the cast.

Many of the cast members may be unknown to regular BLT theatregoers. Some are from out of town, while several are graduates of the BLT summer theatre workshops for youth. One of those is Eli Poche’ who was very funny in his role of Carmen Chia opposite Roger DeBris.

One veteran that should be recognizable to all is Jenna Chambless who has regularly appeared in BLT productions. She took on several roles in Producers and did them all with vigor.

Let me just add that I watched the movie again on HBO on Saturday night and I now believe the BLT production is up to par and in many ways better than the movie.

There is something about seeing a live production with people you know who become someone totally different that makes you laugh. That is the attraction of community theatre.

The production is artfully directed by Jacob Jones of Columbus, Ga., who has kept the show moving at a rapid pace. Although there are many scene changes, they are easily handled.

For a belly laughing, rollicking good time, catch the show in its last weekend

starting Thursday the 7th at 7:30 p.m. and continuing until the last performance, a Sunday afternoon matinee at 2:30 p.m.

Call 246-8345 for tickets.