Graduation is just around the corner

Published 7:25 pm Tuesday, May 5, 2015

By Taylor Bush

Special to The Post-Searchlight

The Bainbridge High School academic year is quickly coming to an end which calls for the recognition of many graduating seniors and their accomplishments at BHS. The end of the year celebrations, such as Baccalaureate, Honors Day, and the Graduation Ceremony, will put the spotlight on those students who have worked hard throughout the year.

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Baccalaureate is going to be held in the BHS gymnasium on May 17, 2015. This service offers a time for all seniors and guests to reflect on the year that has passed. With student speakers and an additional guest speaker, the Baccalaureate service is open to the Bainbridge Community.

The BHS Awards Day on May 18, 2015 will be a day full of honors and student recognition. For the morning service, which is to take place in the gym at 8:30 AM, all BHS students, friends, and family are invited to attend. Students of all grades will be accepting various awards for their academic achievements. The American Citizenship Award will be given at this ceremony to a large number of students. This is award for exemplary behavior and volunteer activity is the only award that can be earned by any student at BHS without consideration of GPA.  The evening service that will begin at 6:00 PM will announce the senior class recipients of many scholarships and additional awards.

And finally, the day many seniors have been waiting for, the Bainbridge High School Graduation Ceremony will be held on May 21, 2015 in the gymnasium at 8 p.m. The approximate 325 graduating students are anxiously waiting to hear their names called on this very special day. However, diplomas will not be the only rewards decorating the Class of 2015 on Graduation Day. Senior decorations include many possibilities of stoles, chords, tassels, and medals for different achievements.

BHS seniors who are members of the National Junior Honor Society will be sporting a white stole around their necks in place of the usual gold stole.

Gold chords around the students’ necks distinguish the BHS Honor Graduates. The  Honor Graduates, a record number of approximately 92, will also be set apart by being seated behind the awards podium. These students have earned a cumulative grade point average of 90 or above. Another chord will be worn by Jordan Graham and Ty Jones who were scholars at the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program last summer. The GHP chord is a new decoration being offered this year.

The students who have reached AP Bearcat Distinction have taken five or more advanced placement courses throughout their high school career and will be decorated with white tassels on their caps in place of gold tassels.

Lastly, the students with the five highest GPAs will be wearing medals that represent this high achievement.

Graduation is an exciting time for the seniors, and it is causing many students to show appreciation for the education they received at BHS. Ty Jones will be attending the University of Georgia in the Fall of 2015 and says that BHS has prepared him for his future education by allowing him to take classes like those at UGA.  Chelsey Jones explains that BHS has prepared her for her future at Bainbridge State College by providing leadeship opportunities that have helped her grow as a student and young woman.

As well as appreciation for their education, the seniors are expressing nostalgia for their time at BHS. Blake Merchant explains, “High school is the time where you find yourself and your best friends. I know it’s almost over, but the memories I have made will last forever.” Tia Martsching agrees by saying that she will miss most seeing her best friends every day. “We have our own little family,” says Chelsey Jones, “We are going to miss the relationships we have made.”

Another school year at BHS has passed. It has been a year of excellence and high achievements. Bainbridge High School administration and staff would like to congratulate the senior class for completing four years of hard work. These students will soon reach their goal of receiving a high school diploma and will enter into a new stage of life. Good luck in your bright futures! You will be missed by your teachers and fellow students.