Sam Griffin will be dearly missed

Published 4:44 pm Friday, May 1, 2015

Samuel Marvin Griffin, Jr., 79, passed away Monday. He will be missed by this community.

A truly great man, Griffin began work at The Post-Searchlight in 1963 and served as publisher of the newspaper from 1972 until he retired in 2008.

Following the examples set by his grandfather, E.H. “Pat” Griffin, and his father, Marvin Griffin, Sam epitomized what a community newspaper leader should be. His role in the community was taken seriously, as was the obligation to the readers and customers of the newspaper.

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Not only did Griffin champion the newspaper industry locally, he did so statewide and nationally as a past president ofboth the Georgia Press Association and the National Newspaper Association.

Prior to joining his father and mother at The Post-Searchlight in 1963, Griffin served his country well in the Navy at a critical period in our history, defending freedoms he would later use to serve our community and our state through his work with the newspaper.

Griffin’s fingerprints are all over key projects that will serve Bainbridge, Decatur County and Southwest Georgia for generations to come. Among those projects are the birth of Bainbridge StateCollege, the repair and renovation of the Decatur County Courthouse and therepair and renovation of the Firehouse Gallery.

No one was a stranger to Griffin, just a friend he had not yet met. With an ever-present smile on his face and his hand extended, Griffin was affable, quick-witted and genuine.

His family, his wide circle of friends, this community and the staff of The Post-Searchlight will sorely miss Sam Griffin. But his memory will live through his many accomplishments.

Prayers for comfort to Sam Griffin’s wife of 53 years, Mary Ann, his son Sammy, and his daughter Ginger are offered here on behalf of a grateful newspaper staff and this community.

We here at The Post- Searchlight thank you, Sam Griffin, for your unwavering dedication and passion for this newspaper, its employees and the community it serves.