‘Logistics’ of moving train cause delays for Corbin

Published 6:38 pm Friday, May 1, 2015

The City of Bainbridge is developing a plan to revamp the park area at the Earle May Boat Basin.

No plans have been finalized, according to Bainbridge City Manager Chris Hobby, but several ideas have been tossed around since the Bainbridge City Council retreat in March.

One obstacle in the way of part of the potential plans is L&N locomotive 2132, which was sold to the City of Corbin, Kentucky in mid-February for $5,000. The agreement between the two cities left Corbin fully in charge of moving the locomotive, which it had planned to do in time for the grand opening of a railway museum this month.

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According to an April 16 email from Corbin Tourism and Convention Commission director Maggy Kriebel to Hobby, the “logistics have been a nightmare.”

“The logistical issues associated with the move have forced us to delay the dedication ceremony for the Corbin Rail Museum, and we will not be able to have it on May 9th as originally planned,” the email reads.

According to the email, Barnhart Crane, a company that specializes in heavy transport, told Kriebel that moving the train could not be moved by rail or barge.

Another issue has been getting all of the pieces insured before transport.

“The Commission is still financially committed to the movement of the pieces,” Kriebel said in the email.

While the city waits for the train to be moved, it is still working on plans for improving the boat basin park, playground and beach area, as well as acquiring a bridge to go over the canal.