Letter to the Editor

Published 4:46 pm Friday, May 1, 2015

As a former reporter for The Post-Searchlight, I want to pay tribute to Sam Griffin, who enhanced my life in a very special way. I was the Business Education Teacher at Hutto High School when Sam and his father asked me to take the job of reporting news from the Black community.(In the 1960’s it was referred to as the “colored” community). The headline for this special feature was “ACTIVITIES OF THE COLORED CITIZENS OF DECATUR COUNTY” Even though this was a segregated entity,

Sam saw the need to include news from the Black community in his paper. It was good for business, and it gave Black citizens an opportunity to share GOOD things that were happening in the community: weddings, social events, church news, individual achievements, etc. The Post Searchlight sponsored my attendance at a Newspaper Workshop held at Savannah State College(University) Savannah, Georgia. which, of course, broadened my horizons in this area. Others who contributed to this special reporting were the late Mrs. Josie K. Williams, Mrs. Annie K. Maddox, and Mrs. Louise Lee. After this association ended, Sam and Mary Ann, my husband Luther and I maintained our friendship. I had a brief chat with him on the third Sunday, before his passing. He has already been missed.

Luther and I join the many others who have acknowledged the magnitude of the positive influence Sam Griffin had in the Bainbridge community. We were proud to call him our friend.

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Gwendolyn T. Conyers