Decatur County Sheriff’s Office on the hunt for child molester

Published 9:01 pm Tuesday, April 21, 2015



The Decatur County Sheriff’s Office has taken out a warrant on Decatur County native Erik Randall Johnson for alleged child molestation.

Johnson, 35, was last seen wearing a purple ball cap, a pink shirt and blue jeans. According to DCSO Captain Gale Bowyer, he had agreed to turn himself in last Friday, but left Decatur County instead.

Bowyer said his investigation unit has received numerous tips on Johnson’s whereabouts, from him heading south to Panama City, a sighting at a truck stop in Eufala, Alabama, and news that he may be traveling west to Texas.

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“We’re following down any other leads we can get,” Bowyer said. “It’s a waiting game right now. A chess game so to speak. He’s on the run and we’re hunting him.”

To Bowyer’s knowledge, Johnson does not have a vehicle and is limited in his means of transportation. Other information has revealed he may be traveling with a female, Josclyn Farris.

The DCSO has enlisted the aid of U.S. Marshals and other local sheriff offices to help track down Johnson. If you see Johnson or have any news on his location, contact the nearest law enforcement agency to alert them.

“We are very interested in any valid tips,” Bowyer said.