Letter to the Editor

Published 5:58 pm Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I want to thank all the people who spoke out due to the recent killing of my pet and bird dog deluxe. For those unfamiliar with my situation, my dog left my property while the kennels were being cleaned and was greeted by my neighbor with a shotgun load to the rear, which broke him down, and then finished off with a bullet through the crown of his head. The admitted shooter was Rosemary Rackley, which I don’t believe for a second, and neither do the investigators. As it turned out, there is no rap due to a poorly written Georgia law, which gives animal haters the right to take the life of an innocent pet if it wanders on their property. It goes further to mention if livestock or poultry are being harassed, you can shoot them down.

The reason given to the sheriff deputies was he had one of their chickens in his mouth, which a later autopsy proved unfounded. Dr. Eddie Hight stated Ace had no feathers or blood in his mouth and no chicken remains in his stomach. His quote was, “there is no evidence to support that this dog had a chicken in his mouth”. Who would a jury believe, Rackley or Dr. Hight?

Why wouldn’t Monty Rackley say up front, “I shot your dog because he was on my property disturbing my chickens”? His first story was that he had heard no shots or seen a dog, as told to my farm helper. He later admitted he buried the dog, which proves the killing was a cover-up from the get go. His actions alone substantiate a devious plot.

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My point is this there is a flaw in the law as well as the character of my neighbors. Both need immediate changes!

In closing, we need a court order to dig up this yard where I, and others, feel authorities will find the remains of many missing Climax pets. There are too many missing pets in the neighborhood for this to be a random killing.


Butch Mosely