Easter victory should be celebrated every day, not just one Sunday

Published 6:40 pm Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I can remember the instructions for singing the song.

“Start almost whisperingly,” the song leader would say. Low in the grave He lay, Jesus, my Savior.

“Then when the chorus comes,” she continued, “Sing those words most heartily; almost shouting.” Up from the grave He arose!

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It was great fun to sing that song like the leader suggested. It brought a wonderful meaning to the words of a song that is sung almost exclusively on one Sunday morning a year. The meaning behind the song, however, should not be a once in the year proclamation. The work of Christ is, thankfully, an eternity of blessing. It’s good for every day of the year.

This upcoming Sunday is Easter Sunday and it is the symbolic Sunday when Christians celebrate the most unique and important event in all of history.

I’m glad to say that there will be more activity in and around our churches this Sunday than on any other Sunday that not’s called Christmas.

There will be some churches that have Sunrise services where families will gather early in the morning, remembering that the Scriptures refer to a trip to the tomb of Jesus by some women and it occurred “very early” on the first day of the week.

Sunrise services are an integral part of Easter, but also are the traditional services. The aim is as celebratory as any during the year, with only Christmas being its rival. The attendance in churches is highest for both of these Sundays of joy. As a preacher, it’s always a blessing to have a full church, and I am thankful for that opportunity whenever it comes.

There are some songs that are sort of “kept in reserve” for Easter. I can appreciate and understand how songs such as “He Lives,” the aforementioned “Up from the Grave,” and another resurrection song, “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” are brought out for this special occasion.

It’s like singing “O Little Town of Bethlehem” or “Joy to the World” only during the Christmas season.

At the same time, the resurrection of the Lord is so powerful and meaningful; its reality should not be emphasized for just a short period of time during the year.

From what I read in our Scriptures, the resurrection of the Lord was the very foundation upon which the early Church of Jesus Christ stood.

Sure, the Sermon on the Mount was perhaps the most powerful teaching in history, but others have taught the same lessons. The miracles of Jesus were powerful in and of themselves, but God’s work in the lives of Jesus’ followers was not based upon those events.

Having listened to the teachings and witnessed the miracles, Jesus followers still scattered upon His arrest and crucifixion. But when they experienced the empty tomb of Easter and saw their Lord Jesus alive after his painful death, they lived the rest of their lives with a spiritual courage and strength of purpose that has led to the greatest faith in the world.

This Sunday we celebrate a fact. Our Jesus, the Christ, arose. It’s not a figment of imagination and it’s not about an Easter bunny and colored eggs, as much as I like those. We stand, humbly and blessed, on the greatest and most powerful act in human history: victory over death.

And not just this Sunday, but every Sunday, and in fact, every day!