City tries to keep streets clean of yard debris, trash

Published 7:06 pm Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Bainbridge city officials are working to remind local landscapers and lawn maintenance workers about the importance of keeping trimmings out of the street.

“Yard trimmings and all of that can eventually end up in storm drains and can clog the grate or block the whole drain, which can cause water build up on the streets,” said Bainbridge Public Works director Steve Winburn. “Plus it just looks bad.”

Winburn said that water standing on streets is a major safety hazard and can cause accidents and hydroplaning.

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“The gutters and storm drains are there for a purpose,” Winburn said. “It defeats the purpose if they’re blocked. You don’t want to inhibit that water from draining.”
Bainbridge City Code of Ordinance Chapter 66, Article II deals with the collection and disposal of garbage.

“All limbs, rubbish, and cuttings shall be placed as near as possible to the street or sidewalk property, but not in the street and sidewalk, and shall not exceed four feet in length. At no time shall yard rubbish or trash be placed in ditches, gutters, drains, walkways, alleys or streets of the city,” code sec. 66-30 reads.

Winburn recommends yard trimmings and debris be piled near, but not on, sidewalks to help keep it out of the streets and storm drains.

If there is not a sidewalk area, Winburn said to put the trimmings near the ditch but to make sure they do not block or won’t clog the ditch.

Keeping Bainbridge’s streets clean and aesthetically appealing was among the topics discussed at the Bainbridge City Council’s recent retreat.