Bainbridge is lucky to have a park like the Bill Reynolds Sports Complex

Published 6:24 pm Friday, March 27, 2015

I’m not the best basketball player. Actually, I’m pretty awful, but that doesn’t stop me from practicing when I can.

I never played the sport growing up and I never watched it much, either. Baseball, golf and football had the majority of my attention. But recently I’ve been taking advantage of a wonderful resource Bainbridge has to offer to up my game: the Bill Reynolds Sports Complex.

Sixteen baseball fields, two football fields and five basketball courts await anybody in Bainbridge looking for an athletic thrill.

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Some friends and I met at the basketball courts Wednesday around 7 p.m. Three of the five courts were packed with kids shooting hoops and playing games, not including the one my friends and I were playing on. The kids played until around 8:30 p.m. and some of them even joined our game after they were done with theirs.

How great is that? A completely free location where anyone in Bainbridge can come to exercise, play a pickup game or two, practice their batting or fielding and tussle around on the football fields is essential to a strong community. Bainbridge Leisure Services does an outstanding job rounding up kids to play sports. They all seem to love having a place to play baseball, football, tennis and basketball.

On top of that, the Bill Reynolds Tennis Center is a top-notch facility. It’s clean, well-managed and a great atmosphere for those new and experienced in the sport. Last year, the Bainbridge High School tennis team hosted the Region Tournament there. I’m sure everyone was proud to host at a place as beautiful as the Tennis Center.

Thank you to the City of Bainbridge for providing a place for everyone from young kids learning how to hit a ball off a tee to me struggling to play basketball to come together. A lot of communities don’t have a place like the Bill Reynolds Sports Complex. Bainbridge is very lucky.

Now as the weather is warming up, I’ll be out at the courts more and more. If you want to come play me— or, you know, give me a few pointers— I’m open.