Climax Golden Agers voted to not sponsor Grand Ole Opry

Published 6:33 pm Tuesday, March 17, 2015

At the March 11 meeting of the Climax Golden Agers, the majority of members present voted in favor of no longer sponsoring or having any type of responsibility for the Climax Grand Ole opry, the reason being the age of the club members, and the large responsibility of putting the show on.
This means that anyone interested now has the opportunity to take over the responsibility, and or the type of program itself, or anything else to do with the Climax Opry. The Golden Agers will no longer have any part of the show.
After the devotional brought by President Alma Hart where she read about love and the gift of understanding and forgiveness such as Jesus had for His Children, guest speaker, Brian McLellan gave an interesting and informative program on organic farming, and what to look for in purchasing organic grown vegetables. He told about the shelf life and told when their vegetables from the 300 acre organic farm located on hwy. 262 North, were shipped. Type of vegetables grown he said was mostly, squash, bell peppers, egg plants, cucumbers, several types greens and strawberries.
He told about how to become certified for organic farming, using natural fertilizers such as chicken manure. A question and answer period followed where several asked about the small home gardener and what was best for them.
One of the things he recommended was a drop or two of Dawn dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle with water to control bugs and insects.
Get well wishes are sent to Miss Fannie Wells, she has been in Archibald hospital, Miss Fannie also celebrated her 90th birthday this week. Joe Plitnick, and Ed Harrell have also been sick.
Special guest for the month was Evelyn Sharpe fiend of Gwen Wingate.  Celebrating a birthday in March was Fannie Wells, and Edna Lou Parker. Bonnie Maloy played an age game where those who were 80 years or older received a pot plant Bonnie had planted and made a cover for the plants. Winning the door prize was Phillip Dodson.
Charles Hadsock had prayer for the sick and Grace for lunch.

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