Decatur Co. farmer directs funds to Climax Volunteer Fire Department

Published 5:01 pm Friday, March 13, 2015

Climax Check

From left: VFD chief Jeff Kelly, Climax Mayor Charles Hadsock, Climax V fire fighter Sarah Vulgamore, and Climax Farmer Kerry Dean. Dean presented Climax VFD with $2,500 award from Monsanto fund a part of the American farmers grow agricultural community.

On Feb. 25, Climax farmer Kerry Dean, after being selected by Monsanto fund, which is part of the American Farmers Grow Agricultural Community, chose the Climax VFD to be the County recipient of the Monsanto fund of $2,500.
Dean stated that he chose the Climax VFD because the Climax fire fighters have shown such dedication to the whole county, not just Climax.
“They are always ready and there when anyone needs help,” he said. He also said it was his privilege to present the department with the Monsanto fund award to be used in anyway the department needed it.
Mayor Charles Hadsock was present and thanked Dean on behalf of the department and the City of Climax.
Climax Fire Chief Jeff Kelly expressed a deep appreciation on behalf of the fire fighters, and said they would use the award to update their equipment which was much needed. Fire fighter Sarah Vulgamore was also present.
“We’re a very small town,” said Dean. “The fire department doesn’t get a lot of money. It’s great to be able to do this for them and the community.”
For five years, America’s Farmers Grow Communities has collaborated with farmers to donate over $16.5 million to over 7,300 community organizations across rural America. This year winning farmers will direct another $3.3 million to nonprofits to help fight rural hunger, purchase life saving fire and EMS equipment, support ag youth leadership programs, buy much needed classroom resources, and so much more.
America’s Farmers Grow Communities is part of the America’s Farmers initiative. Since 2010, the America’s Farmers campaign and programs have advocated on behalf of farmers and their efforts to meet society’s needs through agriculture. Today, consumers are more interested than ever in agriculture and how food is grown. Consider joining the conversation and helping to raise awareness about agriculture. Learn more at
A sister program in the America’s Farmers effort, Grow Rural Education, is currently in its farmer nomination phase. Farmers interested in supporting math and science education in their communities should visit from now through April 1 to learn how.

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