Is Apple serious about a $10,000 wristwatch?

Published 6:47 pm Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The British are given credit for the proverb “Necessity is the mother of invention.” That means that whatever is needful in our lives to help us through the difficult circumstances of our lives, someone will come up with that “whatever.”

I thought of this as The Apple Corporation announced its latest needful apparatus for the difficult circumstance of keeping up with time. Many of us need their latest invention; the $10,000 wristwatch. I’m thinking about one and, if you think you need one, let me know, I might be able to get a deal if I buy more than one.

As par for the course for my silly, little brain, I began to think about wristwatches. The first one I remember was a Timex, of the “took a licking and kept on ticking” fame.

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Remember when John Cameron Swayze would take a $9.95 Timex and put it in a suitcase and, then, have an army tank run over it or throw it off some cliff? Swayze would find the mangled suitcase and have us wonder if the watch would still be working.

Like there was the real question as to whether it would.

I wonder if that whirring sound I hear in my ears is just a need to clean out the wax or John Cameron Swayze spinning around in his grave as he hears of the $10,000 Apple wristwatch.

I wonder if the marketers are ready to put the Apple watch under the same kind of scrutiny. As many hiccups as I have with my Apple iPhone, I doubt it.

I looked up the Apple wristwatch to see what they were saying about it. It’s quite precise. I can remember my Timex of old keeping pretty good time, but it would lose a minute or two every few days. That’s no hill for a climber. Shoot, I just lost a whole hour this past weekend!

This Apple watch, though, keeps time to within 50 milliseconds of the definitive global time standard. Is that Eastern or Central and is it Daylight Savings Time? What’s a millisecond? How close is that to the blink of an eye? It sounds very precise, doesn’t it?

But the same marketing section says something very interesting. Let me quote: “It lets you customize your watch face to present time in a more meaningful, personal context that’s relevant to your life and schedule.” As I parse those words, all I am thinking is “will it tell me the time?”

Obviously, I’m poking a little fun at one of the world’s richest and most popular corporations. I don’t really care whether Apple comes out with a $10,000 wristwatch. In fact, it is interesting that they feel there are enough people who will pay that much for watches.

Plus, I have emphasized one of its most expensive models. The more basic models begin as low as $395. Those are the ones that come with stems that must be wound. I understand the Egyptian model is a computerized sundial. Just kidding!

By the way, the business world’s predictions are that Apple will sell millions of these watches and add some more money to their bulging bottom line. More power to them.

Here is what I think. They will sell millions, but I predict that even with a $10,000 wristwatch the people who are always early will continue to be early and the people who are always late will continue to be late! No kind of watch can cure human nature.