Citizen Police Academy a good look at BPS behind the scenes

Published 7:39 pm Friday, March 6, 2015

Bainbridge Public Safety is wrapping up its first ever Citizen Police Academy. The 10-week course, which was free to the public, began in January and will conclude March 17.

Now former BPS Director Eric Miller, along with help from Public Safety employees at various levels, showed the dozen or so students a broad look at the inner workings of the department.

Attendees got a look at evidence collecting, processing, use of force, weapons, firefighting, the department’s hiring process and much more. Many of the classes included hands-on examples like the chance to reenact some of the scenarios officers face daily. Class members realized how quickly officers have to make decisions and the potentially disastrous effects of delaying those decisions.

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We commend Miller and the entire Public Safety department for offering the class and promoting transparency. Citizens should not fear law enforcement officers, and this program could be very eye opening for a lot of citizens and bridge any gaps between officers and the community.

We hope to see the department continue the program and more citizens attending the classes and asking any questions they have about the workings of a public safety office.