River Town Days sure to be a blast

Published 6:52 pm Friday, February 27, 2015

The feeling of springtime is one of the best sensations anyone can experience. The warmth is quickly spreading back into the world, animals’ hormones (yes, that includes humans) are in full throttle and all anyone wants to do is enjoy the beautiful weather outside. And how can you blame them after being stuffed inside all winter?

Luckily for us in Bainbridge, we have River Town Days on March 13 and 14 to officially usher in that gorgeous weather and kick off the warm seasons right.

This year is chock full of entertainment and music that will keep visitors happy all weekend.

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As a music fan and a guitar player, what I’m most looking forward to is Fly By Radio taking the stage Friday night. I had no idea who they were before I Googled them, but apparently they are popular on the college circuit. I continued to research and found that they play a mix of popular classic rock from the 1970s, 80s and with a sprinkle of modern classics. Not to mention they have a little bit of a theatrical element with long hair, bandanas and makeup.

If you’re looking to rock out to sing-along hits from AC/DC, Guns ‘N Roses and Jon Bon Jovi, come on out and get your fill Friday night at the Earle May Boat Basin.

What will also be a blast is checking out the Flames on the Flint barbecue competition. More than 70 teams will be lined down beside the Flint River and cooking up their best barbecue for the chance at winning $10,000. Among the chefs will be world-famous barbecue mastermind Myron Mixen, who apparently has a quite the personality. If you smell the sweet aroma of barbecue sauce Saturday in Bainbridge, head on down to the boat basin to see what’s cooking.

Another special treat will be demonstrations by Southern Bladesmiths, a local blacksmithing club.

They will be banging out knives, hatchets and all sorts of other products for visitors to enjoy and purchase. These guys are immensely talented and sure to impress those who stop by.

Join the fun and kick off spring the right way. I’ll see you there.