BHS Science Club to compete in state Science Bowl Sat.

Published 7:47 pm Tuesday, February 24, 2015

By Taylor Bush

Special to The Post-Searchlight

The State Level Science Bowl is scheduled to be held in Savannah on February 28, and the Bainbridge High School Science Club is busy preparing for the fast-approaching competition.

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The BHS Science Club is a group of 12 students who have shown interest in studying the many different areas of science. The members of the club meet once a week to practice for the science bowl competitions. At many of the meetings, the club will welcome guest speakers who obtain a career in an area of science. Having guest speakers exposes the students to the wide variety of possible careers that specialize in the study of science.

BHS teachers and administration work very hard to open the eyes of students to possibilities for the future such as the many different career paths. The Science Club is helping make that happen.

Science Bowls are also a main focus of the club. Science Bowls are high school competitions that test the knowledge of students in subjects that fall under the category of science such as oceanography, chemistry, biology, physics, environmental science, life science and more. Teams are made up of four students that race opposing teams to answer questions that require scientific knowledge and critical thinking. BHS has two teams that compete.

The members chosen for the teams are selected according to the science courses that they have taken. It is favorable that the members on each team specialize in different areas of science so that the accumulated team knowledge is thorough and diverse.

The BHS Science Club attended a science bowl earlier this month in Valdosta. The school team placed second overall which qualified them for the state level competition. The students are excited about this opportunity, and BHS is fully supporting the teams’ preparation.

The Science Club members show thanks for Dr. Joe Sweet and Mr. Mark Phillips, the club sponsors. These men have given much of their time and focus to the science club members to help grow the students’ knowledge and experience. One club member states that “Mr. Phillips and Dr. Sweet have been very generous in allowing us an opportunity by sponsoring the club,” in appreciation for the sponsors.

The four seniors of the Science Club are Daniel Medrano, Jack Reynolds, Alex Tuten, and Trey Walker. Trey serves as the club president and says, “Science Club has helped to better prepare me and the other members for college. It has exposed us to higher level science material, which has been invaluable to the members of the club.” Jack Reynolds is vice president of the club. Together, the senior members have helped set an example for the younger club members and sparked excitement for the upcoming competition.

Bainbridge High School is anxiously waiting to hear about the team’s efforts in Savannah this weekend. Teachers, students, and administration are cheering on the Science Club and wish the students the best of luck.