New teaching methods explained at Rotary

Published 8:25 pm Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dr. Joe Sweet III was the guest speaker at Rotary this week. He demonstrated several innovative ways being used to capture student attention today. His teaching concept is to relate learning to the use of action figures and animated film clips with which students are familiar, thereby engaging them in learning. “You have to bait the hook to get their attention,” explained Sweet.
All of this was preparatory to a demonstration of the 3D Rover Learning system he is currently using at Bainbridge High School in the science department.
For the past three years, the Bainbridge Rotary Club has donated a 3D Rover system, purchased from the proceeds of the Rotary Casino Night, to a Decatur County School.
As Rotarians donned 3-D glasses, “action shots” graphically showed how the system is used to teach math. Sweet said at the high school it is also being used to teach the sciences: chemistry, biology, physics and botany. “The sky’s the limit,” as to what can be taught with it, said Sweet, as he went on to describe how it is being used to teach CNA nursing students.
Schools that have received a 3D previously are: Bainbridge High School, Hutto Middle School and Grace Christian School. This year, Bainbridge Middle School will be the recipient and a Career Day is being planned in early March to go along with the presentation.
The Rotary Casino night will be held Saturday, Feb. 28 at the Kirbo Center and will feature casino type gaming, using “funny” money, as well as a couple of new games of chance. Tickets are $50 and available from any Rotarian or from Edward Jones. This is just one way Rotary works with the local school system.

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