Seahawks have got this one in the bag

Published 8:18 pm Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It’s that time, boys and girls. Super Bowl XLIX is quickly approaching this Sunday. I’m sure everyone who is even the most casual of a sports fan will be watching the game, or at least socializing in the same room it is on.

I’m not here to talk about “Deflategate.” That has already been hammered into our heads enough over the past week and I’d like to talk about something different.

My prediction is the Seahawks will win the Big One against the Patriots. Last year the same team took the Denver Broncos for a ride around Beatdown Town. While I don’t think the win will come quite as easily as it did then, Seattle will win by at least a touchdown.

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Russell Wilson is as quality a quarterback as you can find in the NFL. Where he lacks in experience he makes up in natural talent. The kid (who is 26, mind you) is an excellent passer, with a 63.1 completion percentage this season for a whopping 3,475 yards. Add to that he has 20 touchdowns and it’s hard not to like Wilson at least on paper. The only blemish in 2014 is seven interceptions, but that is the experience factor. In his rookie 2012 season he had 10 interceptions. In 2013 he had nine.

And he can run the ball too, with a total of 849 rushing yards this season. Wilson is one of, if not the, most versatile quarterback in the league right.

Add to the mix Seattle’s ferocious running back—Marshawn Lynch. This man plays with an intensity and aggressiveness that few can match. He wants to punish you for trying to tackle him—trample you for getting in his way. He is a raging bull. New England is going to have hard time bringing this fellow down.

Wilson and Lynch are the game changers, and will lead Seattle’s offense straight through the New England defense and into the end zone.

What Seattle will undoubtedly struggle with is Tom Brady’s precision as a passer and his favorite targets, Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. If the Seahawks’ secondary can play close man-to-man coverage and keep Brady in the pocket long enough, their defensive line and remaining linebackers will take care of things by themselves.

This Super Bowl should me great, featuring two elite, proven teams that have been here before.