Climax City Council continues to address financial situation

Published 6:19 pm Friday, January 16, 2015

The Climax City Council began the 2015 year on Jan. 12 with several items on the agenda. In public comments, Elise Barber addressed the Mayor and council about ways to have events to help the financial situation of the City.
Barber suggested having events at the old gym and on the baseball field. She asked if the city would be willing to allow someone to come in and host these events to help the city during this time of financial difficulties. An example asked by Barber was: If she and some volunteers would be willing to come and help would the city allow them to do so?
During discussion Mayor Charles Hadsock and the council stated that it would cost a lot for the lights and upkeep of the ball field, money the City did not have. Council person Sandra Thomas stated, if someone was interested in hosting these events she would be willing to allow it. The Mayor and other council members agreed.

Old Business:
The city is still waiting for the outcome of the Joel/Amie Jenkins appeal.
Police Chief John Presilla said there was nothing to report on the sale of the tag reader.
The Mayor stated that the City will begin more cross training of the employee’s jobs in the next few weeks.
The balance of $10,414 on the fire truck is expected to be paid off in 2015.
New Business:
The city has not received a check for the 2015 allocation from DOT for the resurfacing of West Broad Street.
Mayor Hadsock stated he felt that the Churches within the City and the Community Club should beginning paying for their water usage and put up a deposit.
After discussion, a motion by Council woman Sandra Thomas seconded by Councilman Robert Jones passed unanimously to begin charging the Churches within the city limits who use city water and the Climax Community Club including the Swine Time grounds for their water usage, however, no deposit will be charged because the service was already established.
A motion carried unanimously to set the qualifying fee for this year’s city election to be $20 for a council seat and $25 for the Mayor seat.
A motion to amend the 2014 budget to include the $12,000 that was transferred from the water dept. to the general fund passed unanimously. Motion to keep Bruce Mann as the city auditor also passed unanimously. A motion to keep Paul Fryer as the city attorney at the rate of $100.00 an hour passed unanimously.
Maintenance supervisor Greg Toole addressed the council stating that at the last council meeting the Mayor and Council stated that there would be a layoff of a city employee at this meeting. Toole questioned if this was going to be discussed this month. Mayor Hadsock responded that no decision would be made at this time.

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