Church Spotlight: DNow Youth Celebration

Published 6:20 pm Friday, January 16, 2015

By Haley Farmer

Every year, the youth of local churches in Bainbridge and the surrounding areas gather together for a weekend of worship, fellowship and service. This year from February 13 through 15, DNow shall be hosted at First United Methodist Church and Grace Christian Church all weekend long, Meeting at First United Methodist Church on Shotwell Street for a collective dinner before traveling to Grace Christian Church on Lake Douglas road for the rest of the services throughout the weekend.
Besides worship services, guest speaker Ben Glenn and worship band The Museum will be hosted by DNow for the event and enjoyment and education of the youth.
During the weekend, the youth in attendance are given the opportunity not only to listen to the guest speaker and band selected to perform and speak, but also to join together in a mass worship service among the 14 or more churches in attendance, a number that grows every year, worshiping and serving with 500 and more other youth members from around the county. During the weekend, besides worship and fellowship, the youth are able to also serve by collaborating with a company called ‘Stop Hunger Now’ by bringing canned goods and filling paper bags with food and medications to send to impoverished families all over the world.
The theme of DNow this year will be distraction, and how the physical world can pull you away from Jesus. The youth of 14 different churches, and counting, will hear the message and have an educational weekend after a fee, and receive a DNow T-shirt and lessons they can take with them forever, that will bring them closer to God and allow them to better witness to other young people in the world about the Lord and his kingdom.
Existing church youth members are not the only ones who may join, and if any unrelated youth of Bainbridge wish to join in on DNow, they may contact any of the major churches of Bainbridge such as First United Methodist or Bainbridge Church of God.

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