Beginning the New Year wonderfully

Published 6:04 pm Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A brand new year is a great opportunity. You’ve heard all the symbolic phrases like “turning over a new leaf” or “starting a new chapter.” A new year offers each of us a blank page on which we can write any new or exciting story. I have already taken advantage and done something that I thought I would never do again!
You may get the opportunity to do the same thing, but at this time, you’ll have to leave town. No, it’s not something to be ashamed of. That’s not the reason to leave town. It’s just that the chance doesn’t present itself here yet.
What am I talking about? I’ll get to it in a moment, but first, I want to revel in the accomplishment. I can’t take full credit because it is not something I did and no one else could. Perhaps before too many days pass, you may get the chance to do it. If you do, I know you will and I predict it will make you feel just as good as I did.
What was it? Be patient, I’ll tell you in a minute. Everybody’s talking about what I did as if it is the latest fad and it is getting to be a part of most newscasts. I just hope the news continues to report it and doesn’t jinx it and the opportunity goes away.
My first chance at “doing it” came in the last few days of 2014. I almost jumped at the opportunity but the set of circumstances just did not present themselves appropriately and I also had in the back of the mind the thought that “doing it” would be a great way to positively begin a new year. So I waited and had faith that the stars would align at the beginning of 2015.
What did I do? I’ll get there and you are really going to be surprised! It’s been years since this was even possible!
I spent much of my holiday going back and forth, to and from Auburn, Alabama, visiting with Donna Sue’s mother who has been ailing. There were plenty of trips to make, but all that traveling led to my New Year’s opportunity.
One sees a lot of things traveling up and down the roads; especially during the holidays. The highways are busier than usual and cars may have Christmas trees tied to the top or wreaths attached to the front grills. I even saw some antlers coming out of the doors, like one might see Seminole or Dawg flags. Convenience stores are buzzing with activity; people getting snacks and filling up their tanks.
Oops! I almost spilled the beans. Filling up our tanks.
Remember the guessing game played by children? Guess wrong, but you might be getting “hot” or “cold.” Filling up our tanks is necessary and, if that rang a bell, you’re getting “hot.”
Okay, time to tell you what I did that was felt so wonderful as 2015 got going. I bought gasoline for under $2.00! Right outside of Putney, Georgia, at a Flash Foods store on Highway 19, I paid $1.94 per gallon for gasoline. I can honestly say, “I never thought it would get below $2.00 again.”
But it did and if that’s not a great way to get 2015 going, I don’t know what is.

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