Government files official response to rescheduling of DCSO trial

Published 2:21 pm Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The government filed a response last Friday in response to the DCSO defendants’ motion for a certification of a complex trial and a rescheduling of the trial date.

Defendants Wiley Griffin, IV, Elizabeth Croley, Robert Wade Umbach and Christopher Kines’ original motion requested the trial to be extended from it’s original date of Jan. 5, 2015, to May or June 2015. The argument behind the rescheduling was because the case needed to be certified as “complex” and more time was needed to finalize the information for trial.

“The government does not oppose certifying this case as complex and scheduling a special trial setting,” the government’s motion reads. “However, the government respectfully requests a trial date in March 2015 rather than in May or June 2015.”

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It is unknown when Judge Sands will make a decision based on the two motions.