Man admits to 20 entering auto cases over past year

Published 5:59 pm Friday, December 5, 2014

A Bainbridge man faces charges for 20 entering autos after confessing to Decatur County Sheriff’s Office investigators.

Javarrus Montell Lawrence, 24, of 105 Dow Jones Road in Bainbridge was in custody for parole violation when he admitted to entering and stealing items from 20 vehicles in Decatur County during the last year.

“There were 20 vehicles that he admitted to,” said DCSO Investigator Ken Davidson. “We know there were probably more. We’re still working it.”

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Lawrence did not admit to breaking the windows of any vehicles and said that he only entered unlocked vehicles, Davidson said.

“An unlocked car with something valuable in it just spells destruction,” Davidson said.

DCSO has not charged Lawrence for the entering autos but is currently seeking the necessary warrants.

Davidson said that the incidents were scattered throughout Decatur County and that Lawrence likely was not acting alone.

“They would hit neighborhoods,” Davidson said.

“We have suspicions that he had help, but he has not revealed that yet,” Davidson said.

At this time, DCSO has not estimated the amount of money and items stolen from the vehicles, and none of it is expected to be recovered as Lawrence disposed of it, Davidson said.

Davidson said, “Take anything valuable out of your car. Keep windows up and doors locked. If you have to leave anything in your car, keep it out of sight, but better yet don’t leave it in your car.”