Climax community gets personal care home

Published 5:56 pm Friday, December 5, 2014

Folks in the area will be interested in knowing that the Climax Community has a personal care home.

According to information received, the Lodge at Mablewood personal Care Home on 207 Kemp Road, Climax is centrally located in a quite setting between Bainbridge, Georgia and Tallahassee, Florida.

Built on a 125-acre farm, where crops of tobacco, peanuts and corn were grown as well as cattle, hogs and chickens were raised, the area makes for a relaxed and personalized setting with a maximum capacity of six residents.

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Construction of the Lodge was completed in October 2013 and was built and furnished so that one has that “I am at home feeing.” The home place of Willie and Mable Cooper, built in 1887, remains on the property and is down the sidewalk from the Lodge.

The property was planted in pine trees, to purposely attract native wildlife such as deer, quail, turkey, fox and many types of wild birds. Domestic animals include three dogs, “Oreo” a long hair Chihuahua, “Riley,” a mixed collie, and “Meat,” a Sharpei and the security guard. Only Oreo stays inside at the staff housing.

Two cats, Miss Mossie and Wakulla, enjoy roaming the outdoors catching mice an stray birds. Three donkeys, Blanche (Mother), Rose (daughter) and Donnie (Son) are great pets and love attention. There are more than 20 chickens on the property so one may have farm fresh eggs every day.

For those who enjoy gardening, they are invited to put their horticultural talents to use at the greenhouses, or enjoy the fresh air of the Climax community while resting and lounging on one of the six porches. Then there is a walk around the property or ask a staff member to take you for a ride on the property to enjoy more of nature.

The private rooms with their own bathroom are uniquely different, and internet is available as well as satellite TV. Many other services are also available. For more information about the Climax Community Personal care home, the lodge at “Mablewood,” call (229) 246-3638. Leave a message if ther is no answer and your call will be returned.