BPS: common sense can prevent holiday crimes

Published 10:00 pm Tuesday, November 25, 2014

For many, the holiday season means a lot of traveling, a lot of shopping and a lot of eating.
To make sure this season also doesn’t include filing a lot of police reports, Bainbridge Public Safety investigator Captain Mark Esquivel reminds shoppers and travellers of a few common-sense tips.
Be safe and smart while shopping
Don’t leave anything in plain sight, Esquivel said. If shoppers have to leave something of value in their cars, they should lock it in the trunk or out of sight, so no one is tempted to break in. If shopping late at night, Esquivel recommends not doing so alone.
Don’t publicize leaving town
Esquivel said that when leaving town, residents should not advertise it on social media.
“Unfortunately people have more than just their friends on Facebook,” Esquivel said. “It’s a small town, and a lot of people could know where you live.”
He also recommended avoiding mail pile-ups by having a friend or neighbor pick it up and leaving some lights on in the empty house.
Lock car doors
Thieves will try car doors to see if they’re unlocked, Esquivel said. If it’s locked, the thief will just go to the next car.
“We’ll have a lot of entering autos over the holiday season, and 95 percent of them will be because the doors were unlocked,” Esquivel said. “It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you live in.”
Be aware of your surroundings
To help prevent dangerous situations, Esquivel recommends remaining aware of surroundings.
“Just do what you can to protect your property,” Esquivel said.

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