An old pair of blue jeans

Published 10:22 am Wednesday, November 12, 2014

First of all, I thought a pair was two “somethings,” like a pair of gloves or shoes. In fact, the dictionary defines the word pair as two identical or similar things that are matched and used together. But today I’m thinking about an old pair of blue jeans; not two, but just one. I hope I’m not confusing you!
Blue jeans are really American and were invented by Mr. Levi Strauss when he went out to the California Gold Rush with a big bolt of canvas cloth to sell to miners. He thought his cloth could be cut and used as they made their tents or wagon covers.
One miner told Mr. Levi “You should have brought pants. We can’t find anything out here that lasts.” Mr. Levi knew how to make lots of things out of that old bolt of canvas and began to make pants. The canvas pants were not blue jeans yet.
The miners liked the pants and they lasted, but they also chafed. Come to think, I’ve never worn a tent, but I can imagine that it could be quite roomy, but wouldn’t be all that comfortable. Strauss remembered a kind of twilled, cotton cloth from France that might make better pants. It was softer and blue and it was exactly what was needed. The pants became known, popularly, as blue jeans.
The only difference between those denim jeans from way back then and now was the copper rivets that were added to the making by Mr. Jacob Davis. They were added in 1873 to strengthen the pants at the places where the stress was greatest. Finally, the Levi blue jean was complete. There is an actual US patent for Levi jeans.
I have always like blue jeans and have been partial to Levis. At times in my life, the cost has been a little high and I have bought other brands, but if money is no object, I’m probably going to buy Levis. And I’m going to wear them out! By that I mean I am going to wear them until they have holes in them.
I was looking at pictures of country music stars one day and saw that many of them wear blue jeans and their jeans have many holes in them. I saw the same sort of style on a young girl who came to church one night. It reminded me of some of the blue jeans that I had worn out.
The jeans looked new except for the holes and I asked the young girl, “Did you buy those jeans with those holes in them?” She laughed and said, “Yes, they make them that way now.” I couldn’t help but laugh right back.
It is amazing to me what sort of fashions we have at times. When I was wearing out those old jeans, I did so because they felt so comfortable. I wore them until they just about fell apart. My mother would say that I should throw those old “things” away. I could only think; why would I throw something away that I hope lasts forever?
I don’t wear blue jeans as much as I used to, but I have a pair or two. I also have a few old pairs of khakis and an old shirt or two that I am trying to wear out. Some old things you just don’t throw away. I hope Donna Sue feels that way!

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