Two entering autos reported, authorities warn residents about more thefts during holidays

Published 5:50 pm Friday, November 7, 2014

Wednesday morning, two Bainbridge residents each reported about $1,000 worth of items stolen from their vehicles. 

The Bainbridge Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division is currently investigating the two entering autos.

“It’s hard to say if they’re related or not,” Investigator Chris Jordan said, “however, I will say they were in the same general area, so the chance of them being related is very good.”

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One resident reported two Glock pistols, each valued around $500, stolen from the two vehicles at the Julia Circle residence.

The other resident, of Ashley Lane, reported a stolen iPod and wallet that had $1,000 cash along with personal information in it. The car owner called police after waking to find the front passenger side window of the vehicle busted out.

Jordan said that Bainbridge Public Safety sees an increase in crimes and theft as it nears the holiday season.

“We caution folks about leaving stuff in their vehicles, because it is a trend around this time of the year,” Jordan said.